Your perfect gift under the tree

Your perfect gift under the tree

Do you have vivid childhood memories of Christmas morning?  After weeks of dreaming of your perfect gift under the tree, did you wake your parents up early?  How did it that morning feel?  

Later in life, did you recreate that magic for your family?  What was it like to see your children light up as they experience Christmas morning?  How did that feel?  

You are now entering an exciting season of life where you create this magic for yourself.  

If your best life was the perfect gift under the Christmas tree, what would it look like?  How would it feel to see your perfect gift under the tree?  Would your eyes sparkle with excitement? How would that feel?

Unwrap the perfect gift

You may have no idea what your perfect gift would look like.  So, let’s unwrap it.

Start with childlike faith, believing in the magic of Christmas.  Create a list of 25 things you’ve always wanted to do.  You don’t necessarily have to know how you will do the 25 things now, just dream.  

What have you always wanted to learn?  Scientist once believed that brain cells die off as you get older.  According to Carol Dweck, who has spent her life studying mindset, learning something new is not only possible at any age, it is possible to change your beliefs as well. 

What would you need to believe about yourself?  

You will be pleasantly surprised what you learn about yourself when you unwrap your perfect gift.  

A bold gift to give … unleash your best life.  

I know what you are thinking… 

It’s not possible to unleash from my current situation.  This is all I know.  

I can’t imagine life without the chaos of my family or career.  I may be bored when I retire or have an empty nest.  

It’s selfish to invest in myself or celebrate my unique gifts.  

What will people say if I start thinking about myself?   

I can tell you it’s possible for you to overcome all the doubt and negative self talk, and possible to unleash your best life in 90 days!  

It is a bold gift you can give yourself!  

Have you considered who would benefit from unleashing your best life?  

How would you show up differently if you were living your best life?  

If this is resonating with you, I’d like to hop on a short call to learn where you are at, where you’d like to go and offer ways to get you there in 90 days

Reach out to me and I’ll send you my calendar link.  

Here’s to unwrapping your perfect gift by unleashing your best life in 90 days!


And the birds fluttered around her writing “YES” in the sky.  

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