There’s another way

Once you become aware there is a another way, you become a magnet for new ideas and alternative ways to live!  

“Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.” ~ Bill Mollison The Father of Permaculture

This week I celebrate the 4th anniversary of my wellness awakening by acknowledging the practices I’ve developed to keep me well and feeling young.  

January of 2017 I had a unfortunate health crisis that led to a very fortunate wellness journey.  I made a vow to to avoid surgery and disease, as much as it was in my power. Turns out I have more power than first realized. I just needed to become a detective to discover ways to flow with life.

In May of 2017 I joined a community of earthy souls who live a “crunchy” life through essential oils.  There seems to be a misconstrued hippy vibe to using plants instead of synthetics.  Actually, the Young Living community is a very diverse group of intelligent people who proactively replace toxins with plant based products.  

I am in deep appreciation for the journey I embarked upon in 2017. The wellness practices I’ve developed became essential to thriving the past year. 

I’d like to offer five practices that could enriched your life.  

Self aware

Self-aware is the first step in self care.  Managing my mind is the number one tool in my wellness toolbox.

I start my day with meditation and journaling, both are important practices to help me understand my feelings and get in sync with my life.

“Your thoughts and beliefs are the single most important indicator of your state of health.”  Dr. Christiane Northrup, M.D.  (From her book Goddesses Never Age)

Instead of waiting for a health crisis, why not get curious about your beliefs.  

  • Do you believe you can control your health?  
  • Do you think it is your responsibility?  
  • What are you willing to embrace on a wellness journey?

Once you become aware of your set of beliefs, you can address your state of health.  Are you thoughts predominantly life giving or causing dis-ease?

Another way to view food

I saw this quote the other day, “never eat something that your great, great, great grandma wouldn’t identify as food.“ 

Early on in my journey I read Eat Dirt by Dr. Josh Axe.  Eat Dirt is primarily about leaky gut, but it made me aware of using food as medicine.  In the process I learned that I had a dairy allergy, which greatly eased an acne issue I dealt with for decades.  

Jeff and I to eat whole foods as much as possible.  Our nutrition has evolved as we tried different approaches.  My latest passion is learning about Ayurveda, an ancient Indian approach to nutrition and wellness.  It is teaching me to eat for my constitution. 

Food can either be life giving or cause disease.  You have choices!

Essential Oils 

I use my apothecary on a daily basis.  

I prefer to reach for a natural remedy if possible.  Developing my apothecary has not only taught me natural ways of dealing with issues, but also how to be proactive. 

Since becoming a brand ambassador for Young Living, I’ve ditched toxins in my home and bathroom cabinet for natural products.  It’s outrageous what we are inhaling and digesting in our daily lives. Read the labels and Google the ingredients!  

I have recently adopted a daily practice called Abhyanga, a self massage with warm oil.  Again, it goes against what we’ve been taught about soap.  I truly believe this practice is reversing the affects of age on my skin.  

You really do have alternatives that are life giving!


Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit.  ~ Edward Abbey

I remember as a wild child, I was outside as much as possible. Coming in for dinner was super annoying. The 70’s was a decade for free range children like myself!

Last year I planted a victory garden and fell in love with my little plot of nutrition.  It’s nurturing to my soul to grow food along with my favorite flowers. 

My latest passion is permaculture. A lesson we could take from nature is how it supports itself, when given the opportunity. My vision is to create more plots of nutrition using permaculture principles.

After learning the Japanese practice of forest bathing, I understood my draw to nature. I prefer to be barefoot, feeling the magnetic grounding of the earth. I also love the idea of moon bathing.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to think that getting out in nature is good for health.  Sun provides much needed Vitamin D, fresh air improves immunity and connecting with the earth grounds us.  

How do you connect with nature?  


Fun is often overlooked, almost a guilty pleasure these days.  I’ve learned to make it a priority by scheduling it first in my weekly scheduling practice.

When I was introduced to the idea of scheduling fun first, I had to give some serious thought to what I considered fun.  I honestly NEVER gave it any thought.  

Y’all know how much I love roller skating!  I also enjoy yoga as a way of stretching and developing balance.  Both are keeping me young!  I work them both in my calendar before I schedule my to-dos.  

What do you like to do for fun?  Do you make fun a priority?  

Your wellness practice

Do you have wellness practices?  Or is this the fist time you’ve been challenged to think about your contribute to your own well being?  

My passion is working with women who are asking the question, “What’s next?”  If you hang around with me long enough, I will convince you that your best years are ahead. 

If you find yourself lacking in any of these practices, I can help you!  

Schedule a consultation by clicking my calendar link below. Pick a date/time that works best for you.

I’d love to help you get curious how you could choose another way, or possibly a few ways. The solutions to your midlife wellness could be embarrassingly simple. 🙂

Here’s to another way!


And the birds fluttered around her writing “YES” in the sky.

Tiffany Eckhardt, Master of Reinvention and Certified Life Coach helping midlife women answer the question, "What's next?"

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