The Small Picture

I’ve heard people say, “Step back and take a look at the big picture.”  At times that is sound advice.  This week I had an epiphany concerning the picture I was focusing on.

I had spent the past few weeks getting upset about the direction our world is taking.  No matter what side of the isle you sit, you’ll have to admit the world is an increasingly dangerous place to live.  Focusing on the big picture was having negative affects on my outlook on life.

Then it hit me.  I needed to take a look at the small picture and focus on my little world.  Let me share what my small picture looks like.

The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places.  Psalm 16:6

I am blessed with healthy relationships.  Jeff is my best friend and has truly been the best partner to navigate the past twenty six years with.  I am fortunate to have a strong family foundation.  Emily and Hayden are both happily finding their place in the world.  Rusty and Jack (our cat and dog) bring me joy everyday.  I love my circle of friends, who continually feed my creativity and cheer my entrepreneurial spirit!  Jeff and I cherish the friends we have made along the way who have been tested by time and still remain an important part of our life.  Since moving to Burton last November, we’ve developed new friendships and have established ourselves in this amazing community.

All the precious people in my life mean the world to me!

The tiny town of Burton has captured my heart in such a way that wander lust doesn’t have the power it used to.  There have been weeks I don’t get in my truck or feel the need for an adventure.  Our little home, The Coop, projects in Jeff’s shop and our garden keeps me busy.  On my daily walks I see friendly neighbors out tending their slice of heaven.  Makes my heart smile!  The pretty little homes and the downtown buildings have abundant scope for the imagination.  Don’t let this slower pace fool you.  My social calendar is always filled with something zesty to look forward to.  Burton is not only a beautiful place to live, it’s a beautiful community to be apart of.

Flown The Coop is my American Dream.  The unique treasures I hand pick to fill The Coop are just the foundation of the dream I’m building.  I pour myself into creating a destination worthy of a road trip and a place friends regularly drop by to hang out.  I thoroughly enjoy practicing hospitality with back yard dances and fun gatherings.  Our garden guest house project will begin in the near future.  I’m excited to see this vision unfold.  The garden guest house will encourage visitors to spend more time in our charming secret town.  I openly share my little world on various social media platforms and my blog.  It is my hope that my lifestyle inspires entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and live with a gen.u.ine Free Spirit.

The big picture can be scary.  I prefer focusing on the small picture.  My little world is full of people, a sense of place and hopefully making a difference.  Next time you get overwhelmed by what’s going on in the world take a second to step back to look at the small picture.  I’m sure you will find many small things to be grateful for that can collectively overshadow the big picture.


What does your small picture look like?  I’d love to hear your stories and epiphanies.


4 thoughts on “The Small Picture

  1. That’s what living in Burton does for me! I don’t worry much about the goings on of big cities that are around us. Burton is such a safe, loving community. My children and grandchildren are here, and I live happily with my husband, so my life is just about perfect! I’m so glad to have your “Coop” in our amazing little town! It’s so much fun to walk through and shop in your little corner of our world! Thanks Tiffany!

  2. Oh my gosh! THIS post is EXACTLY what I needed to read today! I, too, have felt overwhelmed recently by the “big picture”, but like you I LOVE my little corner of the world. We live on a ranch in the middle of no where (in Texas) and I love our life. Maybe I should just turn off the nightly news this week? Thanks again for a wonderful post. I will definitely stop by next time I am in the area.

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