The miracle of journaling

Here I go again… touting the virtues of journaling.  In fact, this time I will go a step further by offering the miracles of journaling.  I’ve discovered the practice of gratitude journaling actually reveals miracles.  

The scoop

This is a very trying time, I’m going to assume it is for you too.  I have had several set backs and a huge life altering decision heavy on my heart, to the point I actually felt heart sick.  At the same time, our family has so many rich blessings to celebrate. 

The pages of my journal are a bit schizophrenic lately, celebrating the joyful highs and then diving deep into despair.  I am not afraid of feeling the wide range of emotions available to our human heart, but this gave new meaning to having a torn heart.  

I practice gratitude, but this time I was crying out for miracles. 

Getting connected 

There are two ways to live life:  One as if nothing is a miracle, the other as if everything is.  ~Albert Einstein

Let that sink in.  

Are you connected to the miracles in your life?  

Journaling is the perfect way to get connected to your life.  In fact, as I was lamenting my need for miracles I had an epiphany.  Instead of journaling gratitude, what if I create a list of miracles?  Could I find a miracle in my life?  Could I come up with ten miracles?   

The miracle

And just like that miracles opened to me.  

Miracle:  an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs. {I’d like to add intervention in human hearts}

Miracles aren’t rare, reserved for the special people.  If you are aware, you will start seeing extraordinary events unfold in normal every day life.  

Heck, YOU are a miracle.   Statistically you have a one in 400 trillion chance of being born.  

“That’s a pretty big number,” I thought to myself. If I had 400 trillion pennies, I could probably build a decent-sized penny fortress with it. ~ Mel Robbins

The miracle of journaling challenge

Join me in a journal challenge to list ten miracles you’ve experienced recently.  Start a list that you can add to on a daily basis.  

What could be considered a miracle?  

  • LIFE is a miracle
  • A beautiful rainbow or sunset… how do those beautiful colors appear in the sky?
  • A marriage enduring life’s most difficult seasons
  • FaceTime calls from grandkids when you really miss them
  • A call from your son with the big announcement that he proposed to his girlfriend
  • Connecting with a kindred spirit on a FB group who becomes a cherished friend
  • Watching seeds you planted in your garden mature to a harvest
  • A chance conversation at a party that leads to a beautiful opportunity
  • The miracle of resilience after a very hard season

Still struggling to see miracles in your life?  Let me offer that anything you are grateful for has the seed of a miracle planted within it.  

Open your heart a little to see how extraordinary life really is.  

Are you curious about your miracles?

I want to hear from you.  

Will you take the challenge?  If so….

What in your daily life presented itself as a miracle?  

How difficult or easy was the challenge?

Do you feel more connected to the miraculous?

Do you agree with Einstein that you are capable of seeing everything in life as a miracle?

Lets connect

It’s my passion to inspire woman to lead miraculous lives, with abundant possibilities.  

Hearts grounded and souls free!

Abundance is relational.

If you’re a woman of miracles… let’s connect!  

If you long for miracles… let’s connect!  

Let’s band together for a collective mission to rise above all the BS!  

I offer several ways to connect with me…. 

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So here’s to discovering the miracles and as the poet Derek Walcott writes, Sit and feast on your life.


And the birds fluttered around her writing “YES” in the sky

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