Crazy for letters…or a N E R D?

Ya’all know how crazy I am for letters….

Unfortunately some of them have been reduced to a “scratch & dent” pile.  The letter fronts seem to get damaged moving from show to show.

Not willing to throw anything away… I decided to upcycle.  “Just for FUN!”

Another great passion of mine is travel!  I recently started a collection of fun maps, not even sure what I’d do with them until today.  I decided that my beloved letters could represent all these great destinations on the maps.  So operation upcycle began.

U is for Universe

While I want to see the world… I’m not sure I’ll ever want to see it from space.  🙂

R for Rome

We actually used this map walking around Rome last year….

E is Europe

Always dreaming of Europe….

R is for Road Trip

Love that someone highlighted their trip on this map… to one of my favorite cities… Memphis!

D is for Dreaming of Europe

Putting it all together seems to spell NERD.  🙂  

Call me a crazy or more like a “nerd”… I love the idea of saving these letters from the landfill!  These letters still aren’t perfect and still a bit rough around the edges, but have become fun reminders of far off destinations and dreamy trips that I’d like to take.

At $25 each… they could be your nerdy display of dreamy destinations.  Let us know if you are interested on the Flown The Coop Facebook page or by commenting here.

BTW:  What destinations do you dream of?  I love to share dreams of traveling!!!!