All You Need Is Love

This past spring my husband walked our daughter Emily down the isle to a perfect violin version of All You Need Is Love, ushering in a season of celebration.  

The wedding took place on The Pottersburg Bridge, one of the five historic bridges in Union County Ohio; a beautiful setting for Jacob and Emily to begin their life together as husband and wife.  Surrounded by loved ones, the joy for their special day was heartwarming, despite the chilly temperatures.

Using Emily’s Wedding Pinterest Board as a guide, I worked for months gathering items while out buying for Flown The Coop.  I discovered that I really enjoy buying for a wedding and planning the event.  Emily was the perfect bride to work with; the exact opposite of a bridezilla.  Regretfully, I became a bit stressed as the time drew close and details were not cooperating with my timeline.  I took a deep breath as Jeff and I drove up to decorate the bridge the morning of the wedding.  By enlisting the help of family and friends, we transformed an already gorgeous bridge into the images on Emily’s Wedding Pinterest Board, and within record time I might add.  The moment I stepped away from decorating the bridge, I joined my daughter and her bridesmaids in getting ready for the ceremony.  As the day unfolded, I realized that all the details that I worried over worked themselves out, or not, and the sweetness of love was all we needed.  The details just didn’t matter at that point.  I was filled with love for my growing family and gratitude for all the people who was sharing this special day with us.  

(photography credit to Angilouie Photography)

Returning to Texas after the wedding, I jumped into business as usual with Flown The Coop.  I participated in the Dallas Market Vintage Home show, went on a buying trip and hosted The Nest Popup at our headquarters.  However, in the following months my heart was devoted to preparing for another wedding celebration.

Jeff and I celebrated twenty five years of marriage in August.  Last year during our yearly trip to New Orleans, we decided to plan a renewal ceremony.  We started by booking the Bienville House for the party and The Jazzman Band for a second line.

Twenty five years ago, Jeff and I were young and in a hurry.  We believed that love is all you need and decided to forgo the traditional wedding for a small low budget wedding.  In fact, we didn’t really put much effort in planning our wedding and later regretted our haste.  I intended to make up for that in New Orleans.

As the time approached our big day in the Big Easy, I found my happy place planning the party and posting teasers for our Facebook event page.  A bit more relaxed than preparing for Emily’s wedding, I found that I love working out all the details that makes an event memorable.  With my trusty to do list, I followed up with the hotel and band, found vows for the ceremony, decided on a song for us to walk in with, made a hair appointment, thought about the schedule for the day of and a floral bouquet, planned for my friends Kelly and Jason to do a photo shoot prior to the ceremony, and even planned a lip sync contest for the after party.  I pressed all the hankies I had collected throughout the year and pulled decorating ideas from Emily’s wedding.  The anticipation was half the fun.

All the details came together perfectly.  The renewal ceremony in the beautiful courtyard of the Bienville House, followed by a second line with the Jaywalkers Second Line Band through the streets of the French Quarter and a lip sync contest back at the Bienville House, was honestly one of the most fun events Jeff and I had ever put on.  We were overwhelmed with emotion as we celebrated twenty five years of love surrounded by family and friends in a city that we have grown to cherish.

Take a second to check out some highlights….

(Photography credit to Jason and Kelly Blanton, Sugar Pie Tees)

And this is how we party….

It is not everyday that we celebrate life’s milestones.  Jeff and I have much in life to be grateful for.  Our next breath is a gift.  When it comes down to it, all the details that create stress and worry in our lives work themselves out, or not; all you really need to focus on is love.  I want to carry my euphoria into a daily practice of gratitude by recognizing what makes me happy to get up in the morning.  Join me in a journey to discover what makes life light up by using #giddytobeme on a daily basis.

On a side note:  The events of this year have inspired me to explore talents that I truly enjoy sharing.  Stayed tuned.  I have a few ideas for Flown The Coop events and services.  #giddytobeme  🙂

I will pull from the memories we created with our loved ones this year when I am faced with the low level minutia of everyday life and remember Love Is All You Need!  Please share your #giddytobeme revelations in the comments section and as you share your life on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.  I’ll be looking to you for inspiration.


And the birds fluttered around her writing “YES” in the sky!