Saying “YES”

Much like the Jim Carey’s character in Yes Man, I am prone to say yes to just about any opportunity. A “YES” spirit keeps me open to new experiences.

I am truly grateful for my latest adventure, an opportunity to help merchandise a Creative Coop showroom at the World Market Center in Las Vegas. I arrived on a Saturday afternoon, exhausted from an early flight, and jumped right into a week of learning new aspects of merchandising and all the behind the scenes work involved in creating a wonderful shopping experiences for business owners who shop the showroom for new merchandise for their retail shops.

I knew I was in for long hours of work, but had no idea of what they expected of me. Honestly, I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t be creative enough or wouldn’t meet their expectations. I quickly learned that I was employed to do what needed done in a short amount of time, which included painting props, checking in merchandise, arranging ornaments on display walls and putting out merchandise in displays modeling what had been done in an Atlanta showroom.

Just when I thought I had put Christmas to bed, I was surprised to learn I was helping develop worlds for a new Christmas showroom. A friend of mine once told me that their retail business had ruin Christmas for them. Now I understand. Christmas merchandise is a year round affair and many retail shop owners are deciding on merchandise seasons in advance.

I was glad to arrive in the early stages of creating the various areas that Creative Coop calls “worlds” that represent each section of their catalog. I learned cool techniques for creating displays, many I can use in future Flown The Coop booths. The main difference between building showroom displays and creating a Flown The Coop booth is that everything in my booth is for sale. I don’t normally use props. As cool as it looks, I can’t cut a table in half, hang it on the wall and expect to sell it. Also, I simply don’t have time or space to create many of their elaborate build outs. It was fun to step back after several days of building and painting to see the blank canvas the crew had created.

My time with Creative Coop also offered me a chance to see up close merchandise that I must have now. Many of the worlds have cross over merchandise that can be used year round. I saw some masks in their Halloween collection that I hope to order for an upcoming event. I also fell in love with ornaments in their Camp collection. Honestly, I loved something in every world.

The biggest highlight of many of my adventures is getting to know hard working, creative individuals. I enjoyed meeting part of the crew before they flew out to work on other show rooms. My new friends Jason and Nick shared many interesting stories about their travel to China photographing samples and their various job responsibilities. Product design fascinates me. My eyes were definitely opened to the scope of work involved in selling merchandise wholesale before it makes it to a showroom.

My crazy talented friends Jason & Nick!

I prefer to work hard, but this girl needs a little fun in her life to energize me. Thanks to Nick and Jason I wasn’t denied. After 12 to 15 hour days, I still managed to see the view at the top of the Stratosphere, walk around the vintage side of Vegas on Fremont St., eat at some fab restaurants, experience the Vegas Strip and the enjoyed the water show in front of the Bellagio.

I never expected to like Las Vegas. I’m just not a gambler. Did I mention that I LOVE the vintage neon signs?  Now I want to go back to see all the sights that I didn’t make it to, including the Neon Boneyard!

So glad I said, “YES!” I can hardly imagine what opportunities await or where the journey will take me next. Never fear, I will not abandon my first love. With only one day to recover, I will be back to Flown The Coop business. Tuesday morning Jeff aka Mr. Flown The Coop and I will begin setting up at The Dallas Market Center in the Vintage Home section. I can hardly wait to get my hands on my treasured junque and use some of the ideas I learned from the talented crew at Creative Coop.

I encourage you to say, “YES” to opportunities that tug at you. You never know what awaits you when you become a “YES” girl or guy.


And the birds fluttered around her writing “YES” in the sky.

Unexpected Bend In The Road

As I predicted, 2014 already presents an unexpected bend in the road.  This chic is flying to Vegas baby!

Dreaming of displays

Next to my love for digging for “junque” and discovering unusual objects out of the piles of discarded items, I dream of creating displays.  My friends at The Seed Box Designs have inspired me to continually improve on my displays at the shows I set up at.  In November I had the opportunity to assist Meloney in merchandising the store Homepieces in McKinney, Texas.  It was a huge treat for me to watch Meloney transform this lovely shop for the Holidays!

Side note:  I fell in love with McKinney, Texas.  McKinney has a wonderful downtown filled with amazing shops like Homepieces.

I have learned so much from Brian and Meloney!  Brian and Meloney create award winning displays at the Dallas Market Vintage Home.  They are always a crowd favorite at Urban Market and Texas Antiques Week.  In addition to transforming discarded “junk” into unique items with functional design and offering custom design fabrications, this creative couple have added more services to their design business; traveling across the United States merchandising for companies like Park Hill CollectionsE. Barrett General Store and Leftovers.

Flying The Coop to Vegas

I could have not predicted this bend in the road…

Thanks to my good friends at the Seed Box Designs, I am so excited to have the opportunity to work for Creative Coop.  I’ll will take flight on January 3 to Las Vegas to help merchandise their market show room!  I hope to make my friends proud!

This is uncharted territory for me.  I am both excited and nervous for the new challenge.  I am a hard worker and plan to give it my all.  I knew this year would offer bends in the road, but had no idea that it would happen as soon as the first week in January.

Life is a journey

Have no fear, I am not forsaking my love for junque!  I will continue picking and offering my finds at my favorite shows!

At the same time, I will enjoy the unexpected bends in the road.  I truly believe that opportunities present themselves when you allow yourself to be open to the journey.

Fly Free in 2014

Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love.  Fly free!

I hope that you find yourself flying free in 2014.  What passions excite you?  What will you pursue this year that you haven’t in the past?  It doesn’t have to be a monumental expedition.  Simply allow yourself to explore and be open to unexpected bends in the road.

Happy New Year!


And the birds fluttered around her writing “YES” in the sky!