Return to normal?

Home from Warrenton and back to normal  Hard to believe that it has already been a week since I’ve returned from my Junque Adventure in Warrenton, Texas.  Now that life has returned to normal (what ever that is), I will pause to share some highlights from my adventure.

It was a great show!  There’s so much to share….

Welcome to Flown The Coop at Cole’s

Loved my location this year at Cole’s Antique Show!
















A huge highlight

I met the owner of an upcoming bar in Austin, who decided to purchase our Whisler’s sign for his new place.  I was on cloud nine!









Love having visitors!  


Rebecca Clemmer & Kari Burdick from Thread stopped by Cole’s on their day trip to Warrenton.  Love their fun finds for the day!






It is always great to see family come down the lane! Thanks Aunt Melba and Tonya for visiting!!!






New merchandise!

Check out a couple new items that I found combing the fields…..

Vintage trash can








X-ray dark room cabinet







In the hood


The traditional unloading of the trailer at The Seed Box.







Jeff hanging out with THE Miss Shake-n-bake, or Fancy as she prefers to be called.







Mack relaxing in a very unusual lounge chair.







Marburger Farms

In my opinion, Marburger Farms is a must see show.  I love the displays and the creativity.  I slowed down this time to really take in the originality and speak to some of the dealers.

Willow Nest ~ First stop of the day was to see Linda and Ludmil Marcov.  A wonderfully creative team, Ludmil creates fabulous aviaries and bird houses, while Linda adds her touch of french elegance.






J Hill Designs ~ Judy Hill always inspires me with her “out of the box” designs.  I thought this dress form display was brilliant.

Skip 2 My Lou ~ Love her artsy displays of her original jewelry!

 Found Images ~ Fell in love with these unique lamp shades and gifts.

House Wren Vintage Home and Garden ~ LOVED this display.  Wonderful mix of industrial and garden vignettes!

There were so much talent in one location!  I could continue with so many more displays!!!! But I think you get the picture…over the top cool!

Junk O-Rama Prom

It’s a tradition of craziness!  Not only it is great people watching, it is great fun!  Junk O-Rama Prom is the last Thursday of the show and an excellent way to top off any Warrenton experience!  Here’s a few highlights from our night out in the field.

Hope you had a chance to experience Round Top/ Warrenton!  If so, what are some of your highlights?  If not, make plans now for this coming Spring.  Stayed tuned… I am working with a couple of my favorite junk friends to bring a whole new experience to Cole’s Antique Show.  I’ll be posting more later.

What’s next?

Now onto the next adventure… Urban Market is just around the corner.  Always have to have something zesty to look forward to.  Normal is boring.  🙂

~ Tiffany



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