Outta the way, world!

So funny!  Yes… Flown The Coop has been on a roll lately and is feeling sassy!

We had a fantastic first month at Chippendale Eastlake Antiques!  I (Tiff) spent the past month fluffing and redoing the booth while cool “junk” continually flew out the door to happy homes.  I have also been spending time exploring our new hood… learning all the hot spots for junking, making new friends and hanging out at Boomtown (our favorite coffee house).  It really is beginning to feel like home.

This week I had to hunker down and work on the collection of projects that I’ve accumulated.  It felt good to paint, to sand, do minor reupholstering and get more items out of the project room into the booth.


Flown The Coop has a few “zesty” things to look forward to…

We have been working with a SugarPie Tees to create our first Flown The Coop t-shirt.  So EXCITING!!!  SugarPie Tees is a new business launched by one of our biggest fans, Kelly Blanton along with her husband Jason.  We should have the t-shirts in our hands the first of August and can take orders if you are interested.  Here’s a sneak peek…

You know I always have a zesty flight (road trip) planned…  Next week I will be hitting the road for yet another buying trip up north.  This time I am excited to be traveling to Chadwick, MO to visit my friends Brian and Meloney Russell of The Seed Box Antiques. It will be junking fun!  (Junking is my JOB that I always have fun at)  I can’t wait to spend time with them and bring back a load of amazing finds… just in time for the next event!

Mark your calendars!  August 4th is White Linen Night in the Heights.  From all the buzz… sounds like it will be a fun event!  The Flown The  Coop booth at Chippendale will get a complete redo with fresh treasures especially for the event.  Jeff and I may even have a special “unpack the trailer” fun night prior to the event.  Stay tuned for that idea to unfold.  🙂

Outta the way world

With all this great stuff happening… we can’t help feeling a little sassy!

I hope to report from the road with amazing tales of my great adventures.  Realistically, my track record has been to jam as much into one post at a time.  Please take a minute to follow our flight pattern on Facebook!  We manage to post daily to our page, sharing the fun as it happens.

Yep… we got our sassy pants on… and remain dedicated to those who can’t be caged!

Hope you got your sassy pants on too.  🙂


And the birds fluttered around her writing “YES” in the sky!

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