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Burton, Texas is often overlooked in guides written to navigate Texas Antiques Week.  In fact, Burton has managed to be the best kept secret among the dealers who enjoy getting away from the crowd without the crazy lines.

In 2011 I was invited to join a group of dealers to eat at the Burton Cafe during the fall show.  Ludmil and Linda Marcov of Willow Nest lived in Burton at the time.  After dinner our group walked a block to their homestead for a chance to tour their shop and home.  It was love at first site.  In my wildest dreams I could never imagine that in four years I would call this magical property my home.

I pinch myself everyday!  The best way to get to know a new hometown is to become a tourist in your own town.  Here is what I’ve discovered about this secret town….

This community is alive!  It didn’t take long to get to know people and feel apart of this wonderful community.  A quick look at the Burton Chamber of Commerce calendar for March gives a glimpse of the numerous events and opportunities to interact with our neighbors.  The energy put into events is admirable.  The chamber of commerce and area businesses have been extremely supportive of the Burton Preview Party and the Burton Blogger Party events planned for Texas Antiques Week.

There are three restaurants within walking distance and literally within view of our little white house.  The Brazos Belle Restaurant, with an authentic french fare, was recently featured in Texas Highways magazine.   Burton Cafe is a wonderful german restaurant where we discovered german pancakes and the red rueben.  The Burton Short Stop is a local favorite.  They make the best hamburgers and finger licking fried food.

This sleepy little town rocks during the weekend!  Every Thursday night the locals come out for Karaoke with Denise the Country Chick Karaoke & DJ at The White Horse Tavern.  On Friday and Saturday nights it is fun to watch two stepping couples let their hair down to live music at The White Horse.  I wish I had known about the White Horse when I was a dealer in the field.  It would have been a great way to unwind.  In addition to nightlife, it is not uncommon for motorcyclists and classic car enthusiast flock to Burton for day trips.

The rolling hills of Washington County is known for the numerous wineries.  I was thrilled to learn Saddlehorn Winery was only four miles away!  Another relaxing destination I wished I had known about during Texas Antiques Week.  The winery and tasting room are located in a renovated horse barn with scenic views of their vineyard.  Jeff and I joined their wine club and have enjoyed pick up parties in their fantastic event room.  Saddlehorn just announced construction on their outdoor patios.  I will toast to that!

It’s only natural to mention the parks.  Lake Somerville is a short picturesque drive from downtown Burton.  There are a few campgrounds to launch a boat, camp or have a picnic with the pet like deer.  Behind the Cotton Gin Museum you can explore the Indian Creek Nature Area.  This little nature preserve is a labor of love by local members of the Texas Master Naturalist.

Photo Credit: Heidi Jaster

I love that Burton’s charm has been preserved over the years.   The town is filled with historic homes, the official Texas Cotton Gin Musuem, The Burton Heritage Society located in the historic Burton Railroad Depot and established downtown businesses.  The Nesting Co Flourist is a lovely business.  Heidi Jaster is not only an accomplished florist, but a talented photographer.  The Burton Bridge Ministry Thrift Shoppe, located in a historic corner gas station, is a mission of Burton area churches and another best kept secret.

Photo Credit: Heidi Jaster

In recent years visionary businesses have fallen in love with our secret town.  Old Glory Antiques established their Old Glory Texas pop up shop in the 3000 square foot dance hall in the spring of 2014.  Their bunkhouse adjacent to their shop was featured in the October issue of Country Living.  This spring Texas Antiques Week will usher in two new businesses.  In addition to Flown The Coop, Joel and Shelby Geshay will open Bayberry’s on East Texas St. on March 25th.

The biggest joy of our new hometown is in our backyard!  Jeff and I have really enjoyed country living and so excited to open Flown The Coop in this wonderful community!  We’ll be kicking off our new venture on March 25th during the Burton Preview Party.  This will be a city wide celebration with food trucks and live music.  The party will continue on Friday, March 27th when Burton rolls out the red carpet for the first ever Burton Blogger Party.  Click through the Burton Preview Party and the Burton Blogger Party links to see details on the events.

In 16 days the secret will be out!  We know that as people become more aware of Burton, it will be a favorite Texas Antiques Week destination and a day trip destination all throughout the year.

Hope you stop by and see me!  When you come be sure to tag any posts to Facebook or Instagram with #BringmetoBurton so we can see Burton through your eyes.  I also use #2flownthecoop, #secrettown, #BurtonTX.  Search these hashtags if you want to see what has been posted recently.


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17 thoughts on “My secret town

  1. Tiffany, you are on a roll. I’ve always loved Burton, so it’s great that it is attracing wonderful people like you guys as it’s newest residents. You will do great!

    • Thanks Beverly! The best part of moving to Burton has been making wonderful friends like yourself. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what kind of trouble we can get into. 🙂

  2. This is so exciting!!!!!! I wish we lived closer so we could visit. Best of luck! I can tell that you LOVE what you do. 🙂

  3. I did enjoy reading My Secret Town. As a long time Burton resident I must say you did a nice job of summing up what a great place it is to call home. I just want to say that the lake near Burton is spelled Somerville in case someone wants to search it. Thanks for sharing the Secrets of Burton.

    • Thanks Karen! I am glad that I did a nice job representing this lovely community! Hope to get to know more residents. I’ll make the spelling change. Never fails, I always manage a mistake. 🙂

  4. hi Tiffany my name is Veda and I am the proud owner of The a vintage Gupsys in McAllen Texas. I’ve only had my shop for a year and a half but have fallen in love with my little community as well. I am headed up to Antiques Week in around Top and would love to stay in Burton. Is there any rooms left or maybe a small house to rent? I look forward to visiting your store and your pretty town Sincerely Veda Gerdes. AKA the Mama Gypsy

    • Hi Veda! Looking forward to meeting during the show! We unfortunately do not have a B&B in Burton. We do have several cottages/rooms for rent that are near by. I recommend going to The Burton Chamber of Commerce Website for recommendations. Here are a few of my friends who have places to stay: La Primavera Farm, Bel Sole is in Carmine (very close) and Lazy Bee Honey Co has a cabin and a RV to rent. Next season Flown The Coop hopes to open our guest house. But we couldn’t get it ready for this show. Burton Chamber of Commerce is working on a list of 2nd Home owners who would be interested in renting for the show. Lodging in this area can be booked up quickly. If none of these options work, some people stay in Brenham. Hope this helps!

    • The Front Porch, a B&B owned by Carol Montgomery and the Knittle House in Burton are two other B&Bs in the area. I think both may have websites for contact info. If not, let me know and I’ll get it for you.

  5. Love the spirit of this story — I will most definitely check out what Burton has to offer during the upcoming Antique Weeks. Thanks so much!

  6. Love Burton, been here 24 years, when we moved here it was a town in decline, a group of us got together (Annie Maud, Harris Johnston and Sid Stevenson were the leaders) to move the old depot to downtown, folks in Burton told us it was a big mistake, we were not hearing any of that. That seemed to start a change and here we are today . Another fact little known, the City of Burton owned the property where the Depot sets, and the City held our feet to the fire to purchase it, and the results was that the Heritage Society paid the highest price ever for a piece of land in Burton, (I have the detail). Few people know that the Burton Lions bought the Knittle House to keep it from being torn down, then sold it to Doug Hutchison and helped restore it. Looking through my file I find a lot of interesting facts, these only some(misspelled words and all)
    Chance and Vi Janac, live where the gorilla is in the yard.

    • Hello Chance and Vi! I love all the interesting facts and tid bits of Burton. I’m grateful for forward thinking folks like yourself who preserved this little town. Sounds like we’re kindred spirits. Burton is definitely a special place filled with special people!

    • Hi chance. Hope you get this message. I did a Google search of my great grandpa – Sid Stevenson- and it led me to your post. We are bringing my grandmother (his daughter) down in a few weeks and can’t wait to visit Burton again!

      And Tiffany – thanks for the post. It’s been many years since we have visited but I look forward to checking all of the sites you mentioned out.

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