Love Junk Salvation… another junk adventure

This past weekend Flown The Coop set up at Junk Salvation, bringing the J. Lorriane Ghost Town to life!  We had a blast transforming a “ghost town” into “junk salvation,” making new friends and getting inspired by junk displays; not to mention the adventure of getting Ms. Dixie stuck in a sticky situation.

It was fun seeing this dusty little ghost town come to life with creative junk lovers.  The Funky Junk Sisters must of had a vision when they chose this venue to host the Junk Salvation.  Turns out it was a perfect space to display our funky junk treasures!

Turning the ghost town into a vibrant Junk Salvation







Wa-La Transformation


Once I wrapped my head around using the Blacksmith space, I had a great time setting up.  I have to admit is was a bit of a stretch for me… I’m used to my 10X20 tent space.  I love a challenge and was happy how my corner of the hood turned out!


Admittedly, I was more impressed with the creative displays of my fellow junkers….

Pocket Full of Heirlooms had some funky fun in their back pocket!


Made some funky new friends…

Finally got to meet in person Crystal Wiatrek of Shabby Junque Couture by Endlessly Fabulous.  Was so happy to meet Julie Farris Crawford of Vintage Soul, Erin from Rust Austin, Nettie Jane, Junk Palace, Happy Home Austin, White Lion, All in White… just to name a few.  (Terrible with names….Please forgive me if I left you out)

But who could forget the couple that saved me & Miss Dixie?  Thank you a million times for Grace & Hiram of Grace Revisited for coming to my rescue.  Hiram navigated my trailer out of a no-win situation!  Forever grateful!

Yep... this is what happens when women roar prematurely...

Yes.. it was an adventure.  Yes.. so glad to be apart of Junk Salvation.  AND YES… We would do it again.  I love this creative junk community!!!  Love the Funky Junk Sisters!  Love all the lovers of junk!

What’s not to love?  

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