Living many lives

Tiffany Eckhardt's past life as a picker for Flown The Coop, not a master of reinvention and a certified life coach, helping women rise above their midlife BS!
My past life as a picker

How many lives have I lived?  I’m not a cat, but I can tell you that I’ve reinvented myself at least nine times.  (probably much more than that)

The other day a memory popped up on Facebook to remind me of one of my past lives, a picker of amazing junque for my antique store.  The official title I bestowed upon myself was Creative Executive At Flown The Coop.  

You might wonder if finding amazing pieces to add to my antique store was providential.  Actually it was, but the amazing people I met along the way brought me the most joy.  I met Tim at a small early (WAY TOO EARLY) flea market in Delaware, Ohio.  What Tim unloaded from his little Prius had me curious what else he might be in possession of.  After paying for my stack of goodies, I asked.  Of course he had more unique finds, and knew another guy I needed to meet.  The day I got up WAY TOO EARLY for a flea market, I hit the jackpot!  

Tim introduced me to one of the most interesting men I have ever met.  Ken had barns (plural) of junque to die for!  The picture above is from a very successful day of picking at Ken’s.  My comment on the post said it all…

Had the best day picking with Ken and Tim!  There’s not much these guys wouldn’t do for me.  I now have a specially designed rack for the top of my trailer to haul another awesome 17 ft. Canoe… not to mention the trailer load of finds!!!  Corbels, display cases, a fabulous cash register for the store!

Living Vicariously

While on the numerous trips I took during my magical season as the Creative Executive at Flown The Coop, I freely shared my journey on social media, much like I do now.

What killed me was when I had comments on my pictures from women who told me they were living vicariously through me.  As much as these beloved women honored me with their enthusiasm for my work, I always wondered why they would live through the pictures I posted.  

What prevented them from pursuing something that pulled on their heart strings?

What’s next?

Closing my antique store broke my heart.  I often miss the creative outlet and the connections I made with people I still call friends.  

As I navigated my grief and planned my next steps, I kept remembering the comments from women who were living vicariously through me.  Their comments were pulling at my heart strings.  I felt a calling to help women who wanted to stop waisting precious time upset about midlife, and start believing their best years are ahead. 

I challenge the notion that life goes down hill from here by helping my clients see this season is as a gift.  Together we answer the question, “What’s next?”  The women I work with are stepping into life after retirement or an empty nest, improving relationships, reaching their ideal weight, discovering untapped energy, finding their dream man after divorce, launching new businesses, getting new jobs, planning dream trips, etc.  

Living today!

I am a self-proclaimed Master Of Reinvention, a well earned title after creating numerous business ventures in my fifty years.  I am no longer afraid of failure, but have learned to utilize it for the next adventure.  

Are you ready to rise above the BS that keeps you stuck in fear and worry, to fall in love with life?

It sucks to think that life goes down hill from here, especially because it’s not true.  Working with me will help you get past the BS faster so that you can start your journey NOW.

I’ve created a clear path for you to discover what you truly want, identify where you may be stuck and then create a midlife map to go get it!  

If thinking about seizing the day makes you heart pump, schedule a consultation with me.  Click on Ask a Coach below and pick a date/time that works for you!

Here’s to living more than the nine lives of a cat!


And the birds fluttered around her writing “YES” in the sky.

Tiffany Eckhardt, Master of reinvention and a certified life coach helping women rise above their midlife BS!

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