Junk Salvation ~ Flying Free

On the road again….  Just can’t wait to get on the road again!

Just so excited to fly back to the “field”….

Can’t wait to see all my junking friends!  I love the community within the junk world.  Looking forward to meeting the Funky Junk Sisters!  I will finally get to meet Cyrstal  Wiatrek of Shabby Junque Courture.  We’ve been commenting on each other’s junk for months now.  AND I’ll get to see some of the regulars I see between Canton Trade Days and Warrenton (Round Top).

Can’t wait to share my treasures!  Jeff & I have been working hard on projects.  We are ready for a new venue to display our great junk, bringing a mix of mid century & french country with a little funky fun on the side… a quirky mix that ends up looking like our apartment.  I seriously don’t know how it all comes together… it just does.

Here’s a sneak peak….

Getting to set up at a show is the icing on the cake.  I love my “job”!  I love finding junk, repurposing and then seeing people excited about taking their treasures home.  I hope to see you this weekend!  If you plan to come, don’t forget to print off the coupon…

email me at flownthecoop.girls@gmail.com if you would like me to email you a coupon.

So… I’m excited to be in flight… flying free… surrounded by the creative community and all the beautiful folks who love what we do.

Fly Free ya'all!

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