Is your life on autopilot?

Is your life on Autopilot?  Tiffany Eckhardt, Certified Life Coach helping midlife women believe their best years are ahead.
Sitting on the porch aware of life buzzing around me!

“Life is now in session.  Are you present?”  ~ John C. Maxwell.

Is your life on autopilot?

Have you ever driven home from work and wondered how the heck you got home?  Similarly, have you ever reached a certain age and wondered where did all the time go?  

These thoughts can leave you feeling absent minded.  

A buzzing world on autopilot  

I am learning to be present, a very popular topic these days.

This morning I sat on the front porch during my daily journaling practice.  As I sat there processing thoughts, I became aware of my tendency to rehearse issues that I am struggling with and anticipate the day ahead, hardly living in the present.  

I stopped for a moment and wondered what it meant to live in the present moment.  

In that moment I became aware of all the sounds around me that I had not noticed before.  I heard traffic in the distance, a train had just moved through town, crickets were chirping, birds were singing and the wind blew gently across the porch with the wet smell of an early morning rain.  Why had I not noticed any of the life that was buzzing around me?  

Internal buzz on autopilot

I then became aware of my internal world.  I remembered that the systems of my body were humming along without conscious direction from me.  Thank God I don’t have to direct my heart to beat, or my immune system, endocrine system, digestive system, etc.  

I believe we are more than our bodies, or society’s programming.  We are energy, soul, mind and spirit.  In that moment I also noticed whispers of creativity longing to be acknowledged.  Could there be life buzzing internally that I hadn’t taken the time to listen to?

Slow down & turn off autopilot

The best ideas come when you slow down and listen.  You can literally take creative control of your life in that moment.  

“How much creative energy is tied up in guilt, hatred, resentment, lack or fear?  The truth is that you could be using all that energy to re-create a new destiny.”  ~ Dr. Joe Dispenza

As your mind is preoccupied in a predictable story, your inner world whispers secrets that one must slow down to hear.  Turn off the autopilot and create the life you long for. 

Self-aware is the first step in self-care   

Time passes and suddenly you become aware of age.  Do you wonder how midlife happen?  You no longer have to go through life absent minded.

There is a way to become more aware of life buzzing around you and intentionally create a life.   

As your midlife coach, I can help you establish what you really want and develop a strategy to get you there.  Self-aware is the first step in self-care.    

Life is now is session!  Let’s get busy creating!  

Schedule a FREE mini session to see if midlife coaching is for you!  It is a 45 minute conversation with someone who truly believes your best years are ahead.  Simply click the link below and pick a date and time that works for you.  


And the birds fluttered around her writing “YES” in the sky!

Tiffany Eckhardt, Certified Life Coach

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