I get knocked down… but I get up again!

Week #3 topic: What is some things you have done but previously thought you could never do? It took me several days to figure out what I would share, then it finally hit me at 4:30 this morning when I woke up singing, “I get knocked down, but I get up again” by ChumbawambaVEVO. (cool name)

I GET KNOCKED DOWN – take a second to listen.

Finding My Muse

A couple years ago I devoted a series on my personal blog, Doing Life Being Tiff, called Finding My Muse Interviews. I had just stepped back from a career as a REALTOR in Ohio and was lost. I loved real estate, but the market had tanked. In the past I had wore several hats as a volunteer and attempted a variety of direct sales companies, but my heart had always been wearing my hat as a stay at home Mom. A “job” I absolutely LOVED and knew I was meant to BE. My children were grown and had become fiercely independent as I had always hoped they would, although heartbreaking at the same time. I was searching for an occupation that embodied my passions and would excite and challenge me every morning. Thankfully, I have a completely supportive spouse who encourages me not to settle. Jeff is a wonderful cheerleader who believes in me. I had also surrounded myself with strong, successful women who love their careers. Finding My Muse interviews was an idea birthed out of a necessity to find what I should BE when I grew up. I learned that the key to their success required pressing into a passion. I longed to find my muse, something I could be passionate about.

I always knew I would own and operate my own business. As a little girl, I believed owning a business was how you became rich. Funny! The reality of owning a business is quite different from my childhood expectations. The truth is that it requires fortitude of spirit. An attribute I definitely possess. I frequently get knocked down in pursuit of the American dream.

 Fast forward.

I woke up this morning thinking of all the times I had got knocked down while testing various business ideas. My stack of business cards reminds me of all my attempts and failures at finding my muse. I always press into an idea until it is obvious that it isn’t the right fit, which usually requires a complete knock down. Insert a smile. 😉 I am so happy that I kept on getting up again. I wake up every morning with an adventure awaiting me.

{Hence my internal alarm clock waking me up at 4:30 this morning}

Flown The Coop allows me to pursue a passion for rescuing and repurposing cool junque, and gives me a platform to inspire creativity and a zest for life. I encourage you to press into your passions in spite of the inevitable knock downs. It is worth it.

I’d love to hear about how you found your muse. Leave a comment or join the conversation on the Flown The Coop Facebook Page. I love the inspiration I get from your stories.


And the birds fluttered around her writing YES in the sky!

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6 thoughts on “I get knocked down… but I get up again!

  1. Finding my muse was similar in the fact my kids were grown and independent,I was a hairstylist seriously burnt out doing hair and had always been creative so I decided to start doing furniture not knowing if anyone would like what I did or buy it…. Now I love what I do and find that people love what I do! I get to meet amazing people in this business too! Hence me meeting you! 🙂 I wouldn’t trade this job for anything else in the world!
    P.s So true this is not a get rich business! But so rewarding in so many other ways! Traci

  2. Hi Tiffany, I’m linking from Folk. I’m an artist/photographer/writer so one would think I’ve got a muse somewhere but I’ve never thought about one for me. I love the stories of mermaids and old, dodgy, basement-sitting, cigar-smoking men as muses, don’t you? So romantic somehow. Maybe I’ll start a muse search. Hey, just remebered, am going to see Muse in concert Feb 6th with my grown children…maybe then. 🙂

  3. I know, I am late to the party but loved what you wrote and am clicking and following links.
    And even though you are happy with what you are doing now, I hope our economy recovers so that you can also enjoy real estate work again.

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