I changed my mind

Last week I shared a sneak peak of the reopening of Flown The Coop retail, a behind the scenes look at what’s taking shape.  This week I want to share how I changed my mind and the transformation that first happened in my heart.

A year ago Jeff and I had plans to make the old store a home and list our home on Airbnb.  There is no way I would have thought of reopening Flown The Coop retail.   

In fact, a friend questioned me on the change of plans. 

My response, “I changed my mind.”

That is exactly what happened.  

The dream I had eight years ago of having a store was simply dormant.  Working on an antique booth for the past year reminded me how much I love hunting for unique pieces and merchandising my finds.  I discovered that I thrive creating spaces and working on a project. This fuels me with uncommon energy.  My heart was definitely in it!

What was I thinking?

Re-Opening has not been without challenges.  If I was living in the past, these doors would NOT be opening. I had to become aware of my stinking thinking.  

So, what are the thoughts that might have kept me from reopening?  Here are a few…

Is it possible or is it too late for me?  Am I too old to work on creating something new?

My mind wanted to focus on the past failures.  What would be different this time?

And of course, the big funding obstacle that always keep me stuck.  Where would the money come from?

Before coaching, I would have allowed these thoughts to stop me from following the dream. 

You can change your mind

I know you have big dreams too, but similar thoughts may be stopping you from following your dreams.  

Coaching can give you the shake you need to get unstuck and remind you that you can figure it out.  If you want it, you can make it happen.  You are never too old to change your mind or follow a dream!

I want this for you!  You can shift into feeling empowered, confident and capable of creating the life you’ve always wanted.  You can change your mind.  

I’d like to invite you to join me!  Let’s schedule a time to chat about your dreams, what you believe are the obstacles and how I can help you change your mind.  

Simply click on my calendar link and choose a date/time that works for you!  


It’s YOUR prerogative to change your mind!


And the birds fluttered around her writing “YES” in the sky!  

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