His influence on possibilities?

Sunday night Jeff and I went to see the long awaited movie A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood.  I have fond memories of watching Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood as a child and was looking forward to learning more about the man.  I took for granted the role Mr. Rogers had in my formative years and his influence on possibilities.  

The movie is based on a 1998 Esquire magazine article Can You Say… Hero?  Tom Junod had the honor of getting to know the iconic figure personally.  In his article Junod talked about how Mister Rogers took an interest in his feelings. The movie portrayed this unlikely friendship.

One of the best lines of the movie is a moment when the journalist shares with his wife his  assignment to profile Mr. Rogers.  Knowing her husband’s reputation of exposing the worst in people, she says, “Lyod, please don’t ruin my childhood.” 

Did Mister Rogers influence your possibilities?

Life Coach, Tiffany Eckhardt wants you to create a life on your terms and help you believe in possibilities!

Watching A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood on Sunday made me wonder what I believed was possible as a child?  I love looking at a picture of myself as a little girl, full of childlike optimism. 

I wonder, What did YOU believe was possible as a child?  Do you remember any of the daily lessons from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood?

I didn’t realize as a child that Mister Rogers was teaching children that they were in control of their thoughts and feelings.  How did I not pick that up as a child?  I just enjoyed all the characters and the regular segments. I was too busy having fun.  

Digging deeper into Mister Rogers’ story I became conscious of why becoming a certified Life Coach is so important to me.  I have always believed that I am capable of creating life on my terms. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way I developed a story in my mind that creating life on my terms was selfish. LORD… that story has not served me! I’d love to have the impact Mister Rogers’ had by teaching people the key to unlock their success in life is to understand their thoughts and feelings.

Here’s what I’ve learned from his influence on possibilities

1. Mister Rogers was paving the way with his intentions…

  • Trying to give the world a way to deal with their feelings
  • Inspiring the world to kindness
  • Sometimes we have to ask for help, and that’s ok
  • Each person is precious
  • We are not broken
  • I like you just the way you are

2. Mister Rogers lived an example of what is possible and never gave up. 

“It would not be easy, No – for in order to win such a battle, he would have to forbid himself the privilege of stopping, and whatever he did right he would have to repeat, as though were already living in eternity.” 

Tom Junod

3. Mister Rogers believed that we are all connected.  

“The connections we make in the course of a life—maybe that’s what heaven is, Tom. We make so many connections here on earth. Look at us—I’ve just met you, but I’m investing in who you are and who you will be, and I can’t help it.” 

Mister Rogers quote to Tom Junod in an interview

In accepting a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 24th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, Mister Rogers stuns the audience with a moment no one expected.  He asked the audience to take 10 seconds to think about all the special people who have loved them into being.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the place after his 10 second pause.  It was his humble way of reminding us we are all connected.

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood reminded me of my “why”

I want to remind people it is possible to become whoever they want to be.  It’s never too late to create the life of your dreams.  You just need the tools!

I’d love to help YOU create the life of your dreams with self awareness and intention. Read 3 Reasons You Need To Hire A Life Coach  Schedule a coaching session with me! I will listen to your ideas and help you discover what you really want.  You’ll develop a strategy to believe in the possibilities of your dreams.  Your first session is FREE!

Oh, and don’t miss a chance to see A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood! It is as heartwarming as you’d expect!


And the birds fluttered around her writing “YES” in the sky

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