Heroes & Heroines, where do you find them?

Heroes and Heroines, where do you find them?  Tiffany Eckhardt, life coach for women who are ready to take creative control of their lives.
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Do you have a favorite hero or heroine?  

Where do you find heroes and heroines? “Those who say that we’re in a time when there are no heroes – – they don’t know where to look.” ~Ronald Reagan

My heroes are ordinary people who made a difference in my life, mainly my Grandpa, Rusty Landon, and my parents Robb and Rose Landon.  Their lives are examples to me that I hope to emulate.  Jeff, my husband, is another hero of mine.  He has sacrificed for our family for thirty years and managed to survive all my crazy ideas in stride.  

What do you admire about your favorite hero/heroine?  

Why we love heroes and heroines?

It’s no coincidence that I think of my family as heroes.  All of us owe what ever success we’ve attained to the people who nurtured us when we were developing and vulnerable.  They are the ones who usually are our biggest cheerleaders. 

Heroes and heroines help define our ideals.  Heroes and Heroines possess the amazing qualities we’d like to develop.  They inspire us to action.  These spirited humans always command a degree of courage, audacity, tenacity and grit. 

Heroes and heroines are beacons of light in a dark world.  They prove that no matter how much evidence of mayhem, there will always be good people who do the right thing, even when it’s not practical or popular.  

Do you see yourself as a hero?

Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey, a common template found in every classic story structure, is an allegory of life.  The hero’s journey is hardwired into our subconscious.  Life is a hero’s journey.  The hero is you.  

It is only natural to want to duck and cover when the world is falling apart.  I want to offer that you are still in control of your thoughts.  You are still control of your feelings.  You can choose to create higher quality thoughts that will help you add value to your life. 

The chaos you are experiencing today will either magnify your underlying limiting beliefs or prompt you to overcome them.  It takes courage to address your feelings and examine your thoughts.  Learn to break the spiral of destructive thoughts, and YOU will be your own hero!  

Once you are on the other flip side of your emotional set point, you can release your creative juices and look for solutions for your family, community and world.  You will think, “let’s go” and feel fierce instead of fear.  

What is a hero/heroine to do?  

This can not be overstated, your value does not come from the stock market.  Your value is created in your brain.  If you choose to accept the invitation to step up, you will need to do thought work around this truth.  

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” Joseph Campbell

This journey is worth it! 

According to Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey, as applied to real life, there are definable steps to every hero or heroine’s journey.  

Ordinary life – starting place for every hero’s journey

Call to adventure – inciting incident

Aided by someone -mentor, leader, life coach 😉

Invitation – tests, allies, enemies, confronting difficulties, physical hurdles

Reward – saved life, stronger, insight into life, awards, recognition 

Return – back home for a higher cause, reverse call to action

Ordinary life – forever changed

I’ve seen this play out in my own journey becoming a certified life coach.  

Ordinary Life – Closing of Flown The Coop 

Call to adventure – A nudge from inside to help people create their lives

Aided by someone – Brooke Castillo at The Life Coach School

Invitation – Financial commitment, overcome limiting beliefs, course work, practicums, coaching/ self coaching, stepping out of my comfort zone

Reward – After six months I finally received a certification

Return – Now I’m back to my community with a passion to serve!

Ordinary Life – I’m my own hero and offer hope to others with coaching and self coaching!  

Don’t let this time signify nothing

It is always a perfect time to take a look at your life with curiosity.  Are you the hero of your own story?  What is important to you?  Are you developing the qualities of the heroes and heroines in your life that you most admire?  Are you offering light into the wold with your talents????

If you are ready to follow your bliss you will have to be willing to follow the hero’s journey.  I am here to serve you!  I’d love to help you on YOUR journey!  

Sure, there are a lot of webinars and Facebook groups out there… but I am offering one-on-one coaching sessions to listen to your thoughts and help you create thoughts that serve you.  What I am offering is a personal experience.  Do you want someone to listen to you?  Would you prefer a personalized approach to solve your drama?  How about help creating better quality thoughts that serve the person you want to be?  

“We all need a safe place where we can clean out the ugly” Brooke Castillo.  

I promise, you DO know where to look for a hero/heroine.  The hero/heroine is you!  I’ve created a special package for those of you who want to take control and make this time signify something.  

I want to assist you on your hero journey!  

Nothing is quite the same once you are a hero!

For a limited time and limited space (10 spots), I’m offering a personal coaching package to manage data drama. Six weekly 45 minute sessions for a consecutive six weeks. 

20% off regular pricing now until April 3, 2020. Click on Reserve Your Spot, and click on a day between now and April 3rd, then the time frame that works for you. Once you’ve ordered that time spot, you will have it for the following five weeks. You will get an email with a link to your first session.

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And the birds fluttered around her writing “YES” in the sky!

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