Flying the coop….

Tiffany EckhardtWelcome to our adventure in flying the coop….  It’s mainly a “Tiff” gig, but I couldn’t do it without Jeff.  We are livin la vida loca pursuing a junk passion!

While I still have a lot to learn about the industry, this isn’t my first rodeo when it comes to blogs.  I have spent the past several years (who’s counting) trying to figure out what I want to become when I grow up.  So… I’ve decided not to grow up.  I love writing and have enjoyed  Doing Life Being Tiff &  Weekend Retweat (among other blogs that I contributed to.)  I still LOVE to travel and may post occasionally on my personal blog.  I hope to integrate all my passions at some point.

I fell in love with the “junk” community while researching for a client who hired me to get their Facebook page up and running.  They created fabulous tables out of salvaged wood from Ohio barns.  I was totally inspired by the creativity of all the talented people I discovered while connecting my clients to the world.  Needless to say… I jumped in feet first.  🙂

Flown The Coop was born after Kristie Herlong of the Green Owl and I decided to try our luck (and fill her truck) at the Springfield Antique Show & Flea Market.  We had no idea what we were doing… ignorance is bliss.  We loved it and were totally hooked!

Check us out… we really did look like Sanford & Sons.

Flown The Coop?  The name comes from my constant desire to be authentic, think outside the box and pursue my dreams.  I think I flew the coop at birth… I have always bucked the system and dreamed of owning my own business.  Truth is Jeff & I actually flew the coop this past year.  We might be the only parents to actually move away from our kids and leave them the house.  🙂

Jeff & I have recently moved to Houston, Texas where I am currently building Flown The Coop.  I regularly set up at Canton Trade Days in Canton, Texas and just returned after two weeks “in the field” at Cole’s Antique show in Warrenton.  I love the friendships Jeff & I are making along the way.  The esprit de corps is amazing!

I am continually searching for new sources of junk around our new nest and providing Jeff with projects to work on at the ranch.  We are so lucky to have a place to spread out and get dirty.  Oh the stories I can tell.  🙂

That my friends… is what I intend to share with ya’all…. our adventures in junk and the amazing people that comes across our path.   AND please pack your patience, as I am not a wizard at WordPress.  The blog itself is a work in progress.  🙂

Life is a journey.. come travel with me!

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