Could it be time to birth something new in your life?

Tiffany Eckhardt, certified life coach and author helping midlife women answer the question, What's next.

How many decisions have you made in your life with other people’s opinions and expectations in mind?  Could it be time to birth something new?

In your youth you may have followed expected paths forward, maybe even embracing them without a thought.  (College, married life, career, kids)  

It isn’t that you regret all the decisions you’ve made in life, rather living according to norms has lost its appeal and feels less than satisfying in this season. 

By midlife your ready to throw off society’s expectations and create something entirely your own.   

The birth of a new journey

In my recent interview with Jillian McGill {see video below}, she shared her journey birthing something new in her life.  Jillian started her journey with a diagnosis of an auto immune disease.  At the time she was a classroom teacher giving 100% of herself to her classroom, her students, her family, parents of her students and her community. 

Looking back in retrospect she realized that she lost herself in the doing of it all.  

Can you relate?

In the process of waiting for her diagnosis and starting the healing process, she decided to try something new.  She took some creative classes, including enrolling in The Color Of Woman by her art momma Shiloh Sophia McCloud.  She found her inner artist, creating art that now hangs in a gallery in Alaska. 

That led her to wonder, what else can I do?  

Goosebump moments

As Jillian shared her journey, I literally had goosebumps all over. Her story of empowered rebirth rings true for so many of you too. I loved that she found her inner artist, but her story didn’t end there.   

Jillian has a heart to help and support women in the powerful healing that can occur when you tap into your creativity.  She became a certified creativity coach that led her to teaching retreats and workshops, eventually shifting to online. 

She retired from a career she loved to pursue a childhood dream of traveling the US in a RV.  Planning to only be gone a year, she left Alaska to travel Canada, the lower 48, going all the way south to Key West, until the world suddenly changed.  

She realized that she could no longer safely take an outer journey and shifted to an inner journey, which included enrolling in a leadership program.  That program gave her agency to take leadership in her own life. 

She had stories she was telling herself of why she shouldn’t or couldn’t do those things, things she always wanted to do.  She even had stories of why she should be put last or couldn’t start a business of her own.  

Come on… does this ring a bell????  

Her current mantra is… LIFE IS NOW.

Birth a new thing

At this juncture of her journey she felt called to empower women to truly live a life they love.  She decided to host an event that will create space and an experience for women who are traveling a similar journey.

On August 15th Jillian will launch The Empowered Woman Summit, the next big thing in her journey.  

The Empowered Woman Summit is designed to help women rediscover themselves, or discover themselves for the first time, to follow their intuition and to live the life they truly love.    

Jillian believes the take away for each woman will be as unique as they are.  Her intention is for attendees to genuinely feel supported and be empowered, to have fun, and to learn something new.  She wants women to be excited about their journey.  

Her story could be yours

Jillian’s story is similar to mine, and could feel kindred to yours too. This nurturing style of birthing something new into this world is a revolution.  Our season of birthing babies has shifted to giving birth to endless possibilities.  As soon as you birth this one thing, there will be another thing that wants to be birthed!  

The magic of the summit is that you don’t have to feel alone in your unique journey.  Jillian put it best when she mentioned the power and the joy of collaborating truly feels wonderful and delicious.  

Will you join us August 15th – 22nd for a week of collaborating with like-hearted women from all over the world?  We’ll start a revolution of women who are claiming their power to birth something new.  


As always, I’m here to help you navigate this wonderful journey. I invite you to schedule a consultation by clicking on my calendar and picking a date/time that works for you.

I can’t wait to connect!


And the birds fluttered around her writing “YES” in the sky

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