Chippendale Eastlake Antiques

After six months of setting up in “the field”….

Flown The Coop takes flight to our new roost at Chippendale Eastlake Antiques….

Flown The Coop pulled out of the field Sunday evening, saying a bitter sweet good bye to our spot on the corner by the creek.  We had some really great times camping out with our junking friends.  It really is a tight knit community… “Mess with me and mess with the whole trailer park” kind of deal.

Although we won’t be setting up in the field anymore, we will eventually return to Canton in one of the pavilions or arbors…. until then we will return monthly to shop.  Always wondered what it would be like to be a shopping dealer!  🙂

Our new “trailer park”

Waisting no time, we got busy Monday night building our booth.  It was exciting to work with a new space.  Working until 1:30 am, we left Chippendale with more work to do in the morning.  Bless Jeff’s heart… he had to get up and go to work on Tuesday.  I spent the next day cleaning our merchandise and putting all new tags on everything.  Jeff and I were exhausted from the work and exhilarated about the future!

Our new roost was met with a warm welcome from the community at Chippendale.  We are certain that we’ll love our new “trailer park” in the Heights.  I hung out with a fun loving group while I worked on my booth and met several of the dealers that popped in during the day.

I enjoyed talking to the customers browsing Chippendale throughout the day.  A group of ladies from Norway shed some light on a glass bottle I have in my inventory.  I thought it came from Norway… turns out it is actually German.

Come in for a visit!

Chippendale Eastlake Antiques is located at 250 West 19th St in the historic Houston Heights neighborhood and is open seven days a week.

 -Monday-Saturday from 10am-6pm
-Sunday from 11am-6pm

When you come… make it a day!  The Houston Heights is a fun, quirky and eclectic shopping experience.

Here’s a little sneak peek of Flown The Coop’s new roost…

Still in flight

You might know we don’t sit still for very long….

We take flight Saturday for Ohio.  Jeff and I are taking a much needed trip to see family.  AND… we’re hooking up an empty trailer to fill with treasure we find traveling down the road.  🙂  Tune into our Facebook Page to follow our flight pattern!

The adventure continues..  Life is a journey come travel with me!



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