Living many lives

Tiffany Eckhardt's past life as a picker for Flown The Coop, not a master of reinvention and a certified life coach, helping women rise above their midlife BS!
My past life as a picker

How many lives have I lived?  I’m not a cat, but I can tell you that I’ve reinvented myself at least nine times.  (probably much more than that)

The other day a memory popped up on Facebook to remind me of one of my past lives, a picker of amazing junque for my antique store.  The official title I bestowed upon myself was Creative Executive At Flown The Coop.  

You might wonder if finding amazing pieces to add to my antique store was providential.  Actually it was, but the amazing people I met along the way brought me the most joy.  I met Tim at a small early (WAY TOO EARLY) flea market in Delaware, Ohio.  What Tim unloaded from his little Prius had me curious what else he might be in possession of.  After paying for my stack of goodies, I asked.  Of course he had more unique finds, and knew another guy I needed to meet.  The day I got up WAY TOO EARLY for a flea market, I hit the jackpot!  

Tim introduced me to one of the most interesting men I have ever met.  Ken had barns (plural) of junque to die for!  The picture above is from a very successful day of picking at Ken’s.  My comment on the post said it all…

Had the best day picking with Ken and Tim!  There’s not much these guys wouldn’t do for me.  I now have a specially designed rack for the top of my trailer to haul another awesome 17 ft. Canoe… not to mention the trailer load of finds!!!  Corbels, display cases, a fabulous cash register for the store!

Living Vicariously

While on the numerous trips I took during my magical season as the Creative Executive at Flown The Coop, I freely shared my journey on social media, much like I do now.

What killed me was when I had comments on my pictures from women who told me they were living vicariously through me.  As much as these beloved women honored me with their enthusiasm for my work, I always wondered why they would live through the pictures I posted.  

What prevented them from pursuing something that pulled on their heart strings?

What’s next?

Closing my antique store broke my heart.  I often miss the creative outlet and the connections I made with people I still call friends.  

As I navigated my grief and planned my next steps, I kept remembering the comments from women who were living vicariously through me.  Their comments were pulling at my heart strings.  I felt a calling to help women who wanted to stop waisting precious time upset about midlife, and start believing their best years are ahead. 

I challenge the notion that life goes down hill from here by helping my clients see this season is as a gift.  Together we answer the question, “What’s next?”  The women I work with are stepping into life after retirement or an empty nest, improving relationships, reaching their ideal weight, discovering untapped energy, finding their dream man after divorce, launching new businesses, getting new jobs, planning dream trips, etc.  

Living today!

I am a self-proclaimed Master Of Reinvention, a well earned title after creating numerous business ventures in my fifty years.  I am no longer afraid of failure, but have learned to utilize it for the next adventure.  

Are you ready to rise above the BS that keeps you stuck in fear and worry, to fall in love with life?

It sucks to think that life goes down hill from here, especially because it’s not true.  Working with me will help you get past the BS faster so that you can start your journey NOW.

I’ve created a clear path for you to discover what you truly want, identify where you may be stuck and then create a midlife map to go get it!  

If thinking about seizing the day makes you heart pump, schedule a consultation with me.  Click on Ask a Coach below and pick a date/time that works for you!

Here’s to living more than the nine lives of a cat!


And the birds fluttered around her writing “YES” in the sky.

Tiffany Eckhardt, Master of reinvention and a certified life coach helping women rise above their midlife BS!

Destination shopping

As much as I love hitting the open road, it is refreshing to discover a fun destination close to home.  Annette’s Touch of Class, located north of Houston, isn’t your typical junking experience!

I LOVE a good success story

I had the privilege of meeting Annette at the Dallas Market Center Vintage Home.  Annette and her daughter Megan have spent the past ten years creating a successful retail business, eventually expanding to wholesale and trade shows, selling unique apparel and accessories.  In May they celebrated the Grand Opening of their 5000 square foot “spirited” shopping experience, complete with a full soda bar, man cave, child’s area with tv and a barn filled with unique junque (my fav).

This mother and daughter team got it right, in my opinion.  🙂  They have created a fun destination that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Sensory Overload

My junque senses were in overload!  I love their creative displays using awnings, old signs, car parts, benches, etc.  I saw something to ooh and awe at everywhere I looked!


Family Friendly

Who doesn’t love an old fashion soda fountain?

And a place to park the hubby!

The Red Barn

Owning a barn like Annette’s would be a dream come true!  🙂

Abel, a young junker in training, was impressed too.  🙂


I enjoyed a fun morning shopping Annette’s, looking at all their creative displays and junking in the red barn.  I left inspired by the successful business Annette and Megan built together.  And I definitely recommend taking a road trip to visit them!






New beginnings

Image origins unknown

Life is a journey, not a destination.   A hard lesson to learn when you involve the heart in business decisions.

At the end of August Flown The Coop will be moving out of our “nest” at Chippendale Eastlake Antiques.  It was a hard decision to make, as I have engaged my heart in the community there.  I value what I have learned from the experience and will continue to cherish the friendships I developed.

Where to find Flown The Coop?  

Chippendales through the end of August:

Flown The Coop will continue to offer wonderful pieces at Chippendale Eastlake Antiques through the end of August.  Mark you calendars for August 17th!  Flown The Coop is planning a HUGE sidewalk market at Chippendales!  I’ll post details on Facebook and send out a flyer for those who receive my e-newsletter.  SIGN UP HERE if you would like to receive the e-newsletter.

By appointment:

I will also be taking appointments to view merchandise shared on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest at the Flown The Coop headquarters.

I am developing a personal shopper program for clients who would like to hire me to shop for specific items.  I enjoyed shopping for a few clients during my recent trip to Ohio.  Contact me if you would like me to be on the hunt for you too!

Upcoming shows for 2103:

Texas Antiques Week in Warrenton, September 21- October 5

Urban Market Houston, October 26 & 27

New Location at Warrenton

Mark your calendars for the fall Texas Antiques Week!  September 21st – October 5th!

Flown The Coop will nest at a new location in the Bar W Field near Warrenton, Texas.  To find our booth, enter the Bar W gate off of 237 and follow the main road past the office.  We’ll be on the left about half way down the main road, on the corner of the road and the parking access road.

I suggest that you shop early!  September 22 my neighbors The Seed Box Designs will be unloading their trailer.

Life is a journey, come travel with me!  

I am wholeheartedly dedicated to those who can’t be caged and appreciate all of my friends!  It isn’t always easy to fly the coop.  Thank you for your interest and support in my journey.


And the birds fluttered around her writing “YES” in the sky!


May Flew The Coop

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Time flies when you are having fun!

May was a fun month that seemed to fly by!  The buying trip to Ohio was a huge success! My workshop is officially “hoarded” up and the Flown The Coop booth at Chippendale Eastlake Antiques is fully stocked.

Shopping is one of my favorite parts of the business, and is even better when friends and family tag along! You never know who you’ll meet up with in the field.  This time I found Mrs. Beasley!

Jeff joined me on this trip. Shopping hours on end is not his favorite part of the business. We joked that he became my personal porter.
Jeff proved to have a good eye for treasures! He found this egg scale, which was immediately sold to a farm in West Liberty, Ohio after being posted to Facebook. The Springfield Extravaganza kicks off the show season in the midwest.  I was so excited to shop it for the first time since I moved to Houston. It was fun to see my friends at Dorcey’s set up under their big circus tent. (click on the image to view the Vine Video)

Shopping trips are serious work, but a trip to Ohio would not be complete without spending time with my family and friends! On the way to Ohio we stopped in Memphis to see our dear friend Erin, and heard award winning Blues at the Hard Rock Cafe. We arrived in Ohio in time to celebrated Mother’s day with my family. Jeff and I enjoyed hanging out in the evenings with some of our favorite people.  Here’s Kelly, Michele and I after a dinner in Urbana. These ladies always make me smile!

On the way back to Houston, we stopped at Brian and Meloney’s home in Missouri. They own The Seed Box Designs and have a fabulous home in the Ozark mountains. We enjoyed hanging out on their deck, showing them our picks from Ohio, seeing what they’ve been working on and feeding the cows with Miss Ivy. It was exactly what we needed before our last leg of the trip.

Returning to Houston

First thing on the agenda after returning to Houston was a booth redo at Chippendales. My daughter Emily was in town and helped me whip the booth in shape. Many of the new pieces have already flown off to new homes.

The Dallas Market

It’s now June, which means summer in Texas is really heating up!  It’s also quickly approaching the time for Flown The Coop’s debut at the Vintage Home Market, going on during the Dallas Gift Market June 20-24th in the Market Hall North across from the World Trade Center. I have a week to finish last minute projects and pack it all up.

June and beyond

I hope to spend more time blogging about my adventures in the future! Time seems to fly the coop. I get busy working on projects and hunting new treasures. There are so many aspects of the business I’d like to share; from buying, repurposing, merchandising, selling, etc. What would you like to read more about?

There are no shows scheduled for July and August, but I’ll hook up the trailer to Miss Dixie for anther buying adventure this summer. Stayed tuned for stories from June and beyond… and follow our flight pattern on Facebook for a daily dose of Flown The Coop!


And the birds fluttered around her writing “YES” in the sky.


Stories From The Field

I am so blessed to be surrounded by so many creative and talented people!  I have learned so much from these wonderful friends and acquaintances, who always inspired to dig deeper into my own creativity.

I decided that it would be fun to share their stories in a series,  Stories From The Field. 


Business partners Kristie Herlong and Isaac Cohn are the creative force behind a brand new vintage clothing and antiques store in Urbana, Ohio.  Their love for vintage is on display at Dorcey’s in fun and quirky vignettes.  You can furnish your home with all sorts of funky retro finds and if you are looking for the “Mad Men” look, look no further.

Kristie and Isaac’s individual stories are very different.  Kristie is a dedicated Mom to her little boy and works for the Union County Chamber of Commerce as an event coordinator.  Isaac is a Senior in high school who has been going to flea markets, garage sales and auctions his whole life.

Yes, you read that right, Isaac is seventeen years old and one of the sharpest young entrepreneurs I’ve ever met.  For most of his youth, Isaac enjoyed going to flea markets and garage sales with his Mom.  He began his career as a junk mogul at fourteen years old selling vintage Christmas and specializing in Roseville Pottery at the Urbana Flea Market.  Isaac has a good eye for what people are looking for and has always set fair prices on his finds.  This has allowed him to develop great relationships with dealers at all the surrounding flea markets, who frequently ask him to look for items they are searching for.  Attending an auction these days with Isaac is like walking around with star power.  Isaac seems to know everyone and has become successful in the art of buying.  Recently, after winning the bid on an attic full of vintage clothing, he rented his first storage unit to store his growing inventory.  Although he had a popular booth at The Boston in Urbana, it had become apparent that Isaac needed a larger space to merchandise his wonderful vintage finds.

Kristie also grew up surrounded by the antique business.  Her mother, Gina, owned Gina’s Antiques in the first floor of their home in Brenham, Texas.  Although Kristie loved antiques too, she didn’t follow in her mother’s footsteps immediately.  Instead she pursued her love for the creative process by first attending The Art Institute of Houston and finishing at The Art Institute of Portland with a degree in Interior Design.  Following in her grandmother’s (Little Mamma) footsteps, Kristie moved to New York City to work as a Costume Designer in the film industry.  She soon discovered that she loved to write and direct films.  She even placed in the top 100 in the reality show On The Lot produced by Steven Speilberg, for the film she wrote, directed and produced, Wishing on Fireflies.  Eventually life brought her to Urbana, Ohio where she decided to try her hand as a shop owner.  The Green Owl specialized in hand made and vintage items and eventually added art and pottery classes.  Kristie and I got a wild hair in 2011 and founded Flown The Coop, setting up at several flea markets and hosting an infamous sidewalk sale in front of the Green Owl.  After my move to Houston, Texas , Kristie moved the Green Owl into The Boston, a three stories antique mall her mother Gina opened after relocating to Urbana, Ohio.  Kristie recently was hired by the Union County Chamber of Commerce, where she successfully revamped the Covered Bridge and Blue Grass Festival, adding a dinner on the Pottersburg Bridge and a nostalgic festival on the surrounding grounds.  Even though she has a job, Kristie’s talent rarely rests.  She began wishing for another store front to merchandise all of her creations.

Side note:  We often laugh that Kristie is from Texas and moved to Ohio, while I am from Ohio and moved to Texas.  We are just so lucky that we became friends in the short time we shared Urbana as a hometown.  I learned the art of displaying merchandise and packing a truck from this chic!

Kristie remembers meeting Isaac for the first time at the Urbana Flea Market where they traded vintage Christmas ornaments.  At that first meeting, she knew she had met a kindred spirit.  Over time Kristie and Isaac became friends, both having booths at the Boston and frequently setting up at flea markets together.  Eventually they discovered that they shared a need for a shop.  As a result, Dorcey’s is a wonderful mixture of Kristie’s touch and Isaac’s eye.

What an inspiring team!  I admire Issac’s youthful entrepreneurial spirit and Kristie’s determination to live her dreams.  I am so happy for their new adventure and know that Dorcey’s will be a HUGE success!!!!  If you pass through central Ohio, Urbana is an excellent shopping destination.  Make sure you stop into Dorcey’s and tell them Tiff from Flown The Coop sent you!

Stayed tuned for more Stories From The Field!  I have an abundance of friends I’d like to interview.  I am hoping their stories will inspire you to pursue what ever is on your heart to pursue!