Rise Above Midlife BS!

Tiffany Eckhardt, master of reinvention and certified life coach. Get your copy of her free workbook Rise Above Your Own Midlife BS


Are you stuck in midlife BS?

What if you didn’t see this season of life as the beginning of the end, but choose to believe your best years are ahead?

There is no owner’s manual for this next season. This is what I call the midlife conundrum.  The big question mark of “what do you do now?”

I have talked to so many midlife women who feel there is a big question mark over their future.  

Society, community and family traditions influence women in their journey.  Women tend to neglect themselves in the service of family and career.  After decades of doing for others, wether you stayed home or had a career, midlife is the perfect opportunity to reinvent your life.  

You can rise above!

I am a master of reinvention and a living proof that it is possible to reinvent your life at any age.  My biggest joy in life is helping women believe their best years are ahead. 

If you are willing to get past your own BS, you can fall in love with your life.  My clients are improving their relationships, realizing their ideal weight, landing new jobs, etc.

If this resonates with you, I’d love to help you!  Get started by clicking on the link belowIt is your opportunity to chat with someone who champions midlife reinventions and believes your best years are ahead.  

Click the link below and choose a date on my calendar.  It really is that simple!


~ And the birds fluttered around them writing “yes” in the sky!

Tiffany Eckhardt, master of reinvention and certified life coach, helping midlife women believe their best years are ahead.

4 thoughts on “Rise Above Midlife BS!

  1. I had the BEST day with Tiffany and all the ladies who attended the workshop. It was a day filled with laughs, self-discovery, and new found friendships. I learned a lot about myself, and ways to stay true to myself and loved ones. I look forward to many more days like this one. I highly recommend Tiffany’s workshops.3

    • Awe thanks Melissa! I thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with you! I am so glad you benefited from the retreat!

  2. Hi Tiffany! I love what you’re doing and am excited that you are spreading light and love to the universe . Keep planting seeds !! XOXO
    We will be visiting my Dad and Ginger soon and would love to see your place. Love you all and tell Hayden hi for me. Maybe he can help me with my new logo. Love you!! See you soon! XOXO Emily too!

    • Thank you so much Michelle! I appreciate the encouragement. I’d love to see you when you come. Just let us know. 🙂

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