Texas Antiques Week

The show MUST go on!  God gave me a rainbow to reasure me that Burton would be our home.  We’ve seen several rainbows over the past three years that encouraged me to continue to HOPE!  Last Monday I witnessed a double rainbow!  I will BE the rainbow in this dark time.  Texas needs your support more than ever.  Be sure to make Burton and Flown The Coop part of your Texas Antiques Week experience.  #Texasantiquesweek #Hope #Betherainbow #Hope #Texasstrong #roundtop #showmustgoon #BringmetoBurton #Adventure290

#Texasantiquesweek The Show must go on! #BringmetoBurton

Breaking news! Bad Girl BBQ returns to Burton for Karaoke – Backyard Bash. Everyone LOVES Renda’s BBQ… definitely a FAN FAV! Karaoke Night at The Coop is Friday, September 22nd.  Hope to see you there!