Social Marketing On The Fly

Social Marketing On The Fly is a beginners guide to understanding social marketing and how to effectively engage your customers without spending your day in front of a computer. Specifically written for creatives who travel great distances to display their finds at shows and flea markets, but can be applied to any small business owner with limited time for social media marketing.

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I am co-owner of a small, fledgling vintage, antique and “junk” business. We recently launched our website/online store ( and are acutely aware of the importance of social marketing as a key ingredient to success.Tiffany’s book was well written and very helpful, particularly her recommendations on prioritizing our efforts. Thanks very much.  ~ Barbara Murphy

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Contact Tiffany Eckhardt, chief junker at Flown The Coop, if you would like to additional help establishing your social media presence.

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  1. I was in the shop Friday 8/14 interested in the small chest/washstand at side/back door…needed to measure my space- the chest will work perfectly. Hoping you would hold for me til late Friday 8/21 or early Saturday (out of town til Fri.) Debby Welch /Brenham 254-749-6332 By the way your shop is so sweet Looking forward to coming back over often

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