3 Reasons You Need To Hire A Life Coach

Well-Crafted Life Retreat at Flown The Coop in Burton, TexasWould you hire a Life Coach? 

You may be tired of life dictating to you and wonder if you can attain a life your excited to get out of bed for, but hiring a life coach seems indulgent.  So, let me share with you why you may consider seeking the help of a certified life coach.

You may be just stuck in your old, worn-out story and totally unaware of what is holding you back.  A life coach can help you unstuck your brain.

You need a guide that will help you see your mind, and the power of your potential.  You can honestly believe that your best years are ahead!

Here are a few things to understand about hiring a life coach…. 

1. Every brain needs a coach.

The thing is… your mind is programed to keep you in a story that is familiar, even when the story is not serving you.  

Did you know all the greats minds in the self-help industry have coaches?  All the top podcasters that I listen to have personal coaches.  They all agree it is an investment worth making.

2. You are totally unaware of your thoughts.  

You have over 60,000 thoughts on a daily basis.  90% of the thoughts are the same ones you had yesterday, and the day before.  Do you wonder why you get the same results?  

Are you on automatic?  

3. You can create Midlife Wellness! 

Trust me, you are not broken or need to be fixed.  You know deep down inside what your heart is leading you towards.  A coach will guide you to understand that you have the power to solve life’s hardest problems.   

A good coach will not give their advice, but will help you see your own mind.  They will gently lead you to your thoughts by asking good questions and take the time to listen to your answers. 

You are more powerful than you realize!  You really do have the capacity to create a life on your own terms.  You can believe that your best years are ahead.

Try a FREE mini session

Do you long to dictate your own story and curious about hiring a life coach?  Let me unstuck your brain!   I am offering FREE mini session.  Do not be scared… it’s a friendly conversation just to see if coaching is something that will benefit you!  

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Tiffany Eckhardt, Certified Life Coach



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