3 Reasons You Need To Hire A Life Coach

Well-Crafted Life Retreat at Flown The Coop in Burton, TexasWould you hire a Life Coach? 

Or do your thoughts automatically dismiss the idea?  

  • Investing in yourself feels selfish?  
  • No time to slow down?
  • It’s scary…what will I learn about myself?

Want to know the truth?  All the reasons you create to dismiss the idea are just thoughts.  Thoughts that keep you stuck in unfavorable results.  

The good news is that you can choose your thoughts, once you learn how.  You can choose your feelings by changing your thoughts.  And you can decide how you want to behave and get the results you want.  

You may be just stuck in your old, worn-out story and unaware of your thoughts.  

YOU can be the hero in your own story!  All you need is a guide that will help you see your mind, and the power of your potential.  

So, why do YOU need a coach?

1. Every brain needs a coach.

Did you know the greats minds in the self-help industry have coaches?  All the top podcasters that I listen to have personal coaches.  They all agree it is an investment worth making.  

The thing is… the subconscious mind is responsible for protecting you from what historically has been a challenge in your life.  Your mind is programed to keep you in a story that is familiar, even when the story is not serving you.  

I’ve listened to seasoned coaches get coached.  It always amazes me!  These people know that their thoughts are causing the results in their lives, but they are too far into their story to recognize it.  

It happened to me.  Intellectually I know to measure success internally.  Yet I found myself looking for validation from external sources.  This is a familiar story in my life.  My coach pointed out that I can only determine success by things I can control… how I show up, the energy I bring, etc.  

It was an a-ha moment that should have been obvious.  I would not be serving anyone if I stayed stuck in that story!  

2. You are totally unaware of your thoughts.  

You have over 60,000 thoughts on a daily basis.  90% of the thoughts are the same ones you had yesterday, and the day before.  Do you wonder why you get the same results?  

Are you on automatic?  Do you automatically block any thought that isn’t familiar?

Is your mind getting in the way of amazing results?  What if you slowed down to discover what you really want in life?  What if you explored your thought life, and created thoughts that will serve you?  

Take the time to become intentional!

3. Your thoughts are directly related to your results.  

A-ha moments happen when you become aware that thoughts are responsible for your results.  A good coach will not give their advice, but will help you see your own mind.  They will gently lead you to your thoughts.  How do you want to feel?  How can you change your thought to change your actions to get a different result?  

Trust me, you are not broken or need to be fixed.  You know deep down inside what your heart is leading you to do.  A coach will guide you to understand that you have the power to solve life’s hardest problems.  You are more powerful than you realize!  

You have the power to become the person of your dreams and to create a life you want.  

You can be the hero in your own story.  

Are YOU ready to talk to a coach?  I am offering FREE consultations for my email list friends.  Simply email me a request for appointment.  

Do not be scared… it’s a friendly conversation just to see if coaching is something that will benefit you!  


And the birds fluttered around her writing “YES” in the sky!