Welcome to Flown The Coop

Our Mission

We aspire to inspire creativity and a zest for life along the way!

Flown The Coop is dedicated to those who can’t be caged! On our journey, we find treasures to repurpose, reuse, rethink & upcycle! We travel throughout the US searching for discarded “junk”, including industrial, vintage, retro, and primitive antiques pieces.
Life is a journey, come fly with us!


Where do you find us?

You will find our treasures cleverly displayed at Bar W in Warrenton and by appointment at the Flown The Coop Headquarters.  Go to our Show Dates page for details.

As seen on 365 Things to do in Houston

~ And the birds fluttered around them writing “yes” in the sky!

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Flown The Coop

  1. I saw the whisler sign in the pictures, Wondering what it was from or did you make it? Very neat-love it! Interested from Iowa, Tiffany Whisler

    • Hi Tiffany!

      The Whisler sign was sold to a man in Austin, Tx who named his bar Whisler. :) I found the sign in Missouri and sold it at a show in Warrenton, TX. He has it hanging in the bar.

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