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Flown The Coop is a creative lifestyle destination promoting wellness, wine and the pursuit of dreams. 

Our Mission

Flown The Coop is dedicated to those who can’t be caged!
Tiffany uses her experience with various entrepreneurial pursuits to help individuals find freedom to pursue their passions. She aspires to inspire a zest for life through wine, wellness and out-of-the-box thinking.
Fly free, dream, do, be… discover your Gen.U.Ine Creative Spirit!


Flown The Coop, located in the sleepy little town of Burton, Texas (half way between Houston and Austin), is a is a creative lifestyle destination promoting wine, wellness and the pursuit of dreams. The first time Tiffany Eckhardt, owner of Flown The Coop, saw this little piece of heaven located in the heart of Texas Antiques country, it was love at first sight. Little did she know that three years after her first visit she would own her dream!
Dreams do come true!

At The Coop:

Explore creativity by signing up for a Creative At The Coop class. {See our Creative At The Coop web page for a list of upcoming classes.}.
Flown The Coop is currently under transformation. Stayed tuned for the Guest House project. I’ll share the whole project on our blog! Future guests will be welcomed to spend the night in a secret town where dreams come true!


Tiffany promotes the clean crafted wine movement with Scout & Cellar Wines. These wines are scouted around the globe for vineyards free of pesticides and vitrified without added sulfites, sugars and designer yeasts… Wine as nature intended!
Tiffany promotes wellness with Young Living. Essential oils were just the start of her journey towards wellness. Now she helps families break free from household toxins and ditching toxins in beauty products. Clean living is the goal!
Flown The Coop is proud to support the makers, dreamers and entrepreneurs in our tribe of kindred spirits. Take a look at MY STORY to learn more about my entrepreneurial journey. And then stay tuned for the next bend in the road.
Keep up with her journey on the blog (and sign up for the email list). Finally, check out Gadabout Gals, her new collaborative lifestyle travel site with her best friends Kelly and Michele!

Look Local

In an effort to support the local community, Flown The Coop is committed to donate 10 cents for every dollar spent at The Coop to The Burton Bridge Ministry. The Bridge Ministry is a non-profit organiziation that combines outreach efforts of all 12 churches in the Burton Area. Their outreach includes Seniors Ministry, Children and Youth Ministry, Helping Hands Ministry, Community Ministry, and the Corner Shoppe Ministry.

Flown The Coop is dedicated to the community of Burton, Texas.

~ And the birds fluttered around them writing “yes” in the sky!

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14 thoughts on “Flown The Coop Welcome You

  1. I saw the whisler sign in the pictures, Wondering what it was from or did you make it? Very neat-love it! Interested from Iowa, Tiffany Whisler

  2. i was at he springfield extravaganza in springfield ohio may 2015. I saw a vintage mail sorter I think it was 3 sections all together and maybe had chicken wire on the back. I went back to purchase it the next day and the man was gone. I think he was from Indiana.? He was in one of those white tent like structures.I was so upset because I wanted the mail sorter so bad. It was dark wood and was beautiful.. Do you remember seeing this piece there? You have such beautiful antiques. Please let me know it you have it or you have something similar you want to sell.

    • I’m sorry that you couldn’t find the mail sorter. I don’t have anything like that and can’t remember seeing it either. Hope you find one in the near future.

  3. Hi, I’m so excited to see and watch your guest house come together. And ofcourse can’t wait to see the cabinets& sink😉😊
    Good luck❤️

  4. I had the BEST day with Tiffany and all the ladies who attended the workshop. It was a day filled with laughs, self-discovery, and new found friendships. I learned a lot about myself, and ways to stay true to myself and loved ones. I look forward to many more days like this one. I highly recommend Tiffany’s workshops.3

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