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Our Mission

We aspire to inspire creativity and a zest for life along the way!

Flown The Coop is dedicated to those who can’t be caged! On our journey, we find treasures to repurpose, reuse, rethink & upcycle! We travel throughout the US searching for discarded “junk”, including industrial, vintage, retro, and primitive antiques pieces.
After years of displaying our finds at shows throughout Texas, you can now shop our coop in Burton, Texas.  We are located on Live Oak St.  You can see The Coop from the porch of the Burton Cafe on Washington.

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Open Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10am – 5pm.
However, we are VERY small operation and close sometimes due to circumstances out of our control.  We keep Facebook, Twitter and Instagram updated when we must close for the day.  We suggest that if you are traveling a distance to call first.  937-215-4732
Life is a journey, come fly with us!


Host and Hunt









As seen on 365 Things to do in Houston

~ And the birds fluttered around them writing “yes” in the sky!

7 thoughts on “Welcome to Flown The Coop

  1. I saw the whisler sign in the pictures, Wondering what it was from or did you make it? Very neat-love it! Interested from Iowa, Tiffany Whisler

    • Hi Tiffany!

      The Whisler sign was sold to a man in Austin, Tx who named his bar Whisler. :) I found the sign in Missouri and sold it at a show in Warrenton, TX. He has it hanging in the bar.

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